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Master class

Reimagine Leadership

Creating future-ready leaders.

Being future-ready is necessary for leaders who want their organisations to continue being relevant in our volatile and uncertain world.

Building dynamic, flexible workplaces which encourage co-creation and innovation is the way for the future. Using a neuroscience lens, leaders will learn how to best navigate their way through to a vibrant and productive workplace.

Ringing up Resilience

Developing your resilience muscle.

Change continues to bring uncertainty and disruption which can be challenging. Learning to cope using evidence-based strategies help people to become more resilient and able. The Ring of Resilience identifies eight different aspects which will help you to become resilience-ready in our fast-changing dynamic world.

Taming Chaos

The power of useful habits.

Daily routines play a significant role in our daily lives. Without them, we would be in chaos, everything costing us high mental energy with little left over for demanding tasks. Unfortunately, not all of our behaviour routines serve us well. Introducing better new habits may be simple, but not necessarily easy to do. Tapping into neuroscience you can learn to create new habits that give you a platform to perform at your best.

Mindset Matters

The intentional mindset for high performance.

Our mindset makes the difference between success and failure. It is an incredible power that when used enables leaders to remain motivated even during the tough times. Recognising how our mindsets can change how we think, feel and behave makes it possible to move into new opportunities and develop in ways we may not have thought possible. It is about stepping out into a new construct.

Intention invites attention. Attention gives focus and drive. When a leader harnesses that, they are able to deliver the results. They achieve their successes. Mindset matters is for leaders who have the want to do it better.


Smart & Sassy

Developing charisma and influence.

For many women, particularly those in male-dominated industries, being able to have a voice can sometimes be difficult. Smart & Sassy enables you to uncover your confidence and showcase yourself at your best.

Smart & Sassy is for women who believe in themselves, recognise their ability to grow and want to connect positively in their workplaces. It’s about embracing your values and using your assertiveness to question the status quo when necessary. It’s for those women who are ready to push boundaries for themselves and others and role model the way forward.

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