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About Me

I am fascinated by people – what they do, what they don’t do, and everything in-between. No surprise I did a degree in psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration, numerous other qualifications, and finally, a qualification in Neuroscience of Leadership.

Despite having worked in industry for many years in South Africa and the UK, when I came to Australia I effectively returned to my roots – went back into speaking and training to spread the message, to make a difference (I had been a Secondary school teacher for a time in Cape Town). I have worked in many different types of businesses. In the UK I worked in an IT related company which was male-dominated – plenty of testosterone marching around those offices. As you can imagine, there were some interesting challenges.

I have played squash at an international level and enjoyed playing in the Men’s teams as well. This was a totally different game. It certainly brought out my gung-ho attitude.

If you put all of me into a bag and shake it up, you end up with an optimistic can-do person who wants to change work places into environments people want to be in and bring on their best selves through fantastic leadership. Leaders’ attitudes, values and work ethics colour the rest of the team – the way they think and do. Here I am today, wanting to change one leader at a time to high performing greatness.

Besides making new worlds at work, I love going to the beach for long walks, swimming with the dogs and enjoying my mochas with my family. And, now and then, I get onto that bicycle of mine and breathe in the fresh coastal air whilst ‘whizzing’ along the coast. Love living in Perth!  

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