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Brain Savvy Program

Are you an ambitious leader?

Do you want to create a high-performing team?

Do you want to innovate and achieve success?

This program is for managers who want to be a top 1% leadership performer. Ideally, they are in upper middle to senior manager roles who realise we are in the ‘age of the brain’ and can do everything better.

Brain Savvy Leadership Mastermind is a six-month programme designed for a group of leaders who are ambitious and want to explore themselves for themselves using a neuroscience lens.

They want to be able to:

  • Be confident within themselves
  • Be brain-smart to work better
  • Engage and enjoy working with their teams
  • Be innovative and great problem-solvers
  • Instil a positive attitude to change
  • Be ready for the unexpected
  • Perform at their peak
  • Create confident, collaborative and capable teams

The Mastermind programme is a hands-on learning environment with practical new concepts introduced each month during a half-day training session. Participants will be expected to implement the different techniques and strategies to grow their leadership skills. Reflection is a critical component of this programme. Email support will be given throughout the six-month period.

Outcomes for Brain Savvy Leadership Mastermind are:


  • Gain insights to achieve top performance
  • Build trust through transparent leadership
  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making
  • Co-create with the collective intelligence of the team
  • Innovate and implement change successfully


  • Leadership Actualisation
  • Personal Sustainable Strength
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Ideation and Change


  • Six-month programme
  • Half-day sessions
  • Email support
  • Exclusive community
  • Personal Master Plan Manifesto
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